The Red Balloon- Detail
Faith and Desire- Detail
Astonished Placidity, 11"X15", Holbein watercolor
Astonished Placidity, 11″X15″, Holbein watercolor




Blue Veil, 9"X11" hand bound watercolor book, Holbein watercolor
Blue Veil, 9″X11″ hand bound watercolor book, Holbein watercolor





Romance at Sunrise, 9″X12″ Holbein watercolor






Born in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1989, Rachel Roach began a life primarily centered around creative pursuits. The earliest memories of her life filled with color, and putting her mark on the world. She devoted her time to the love of learning and engaging with people. Over the years and through the struggles usually attributed to a full life, she became enamored with words, art, and the beautiful ways in which life unfolded for humanity. After years of formal and informal training, significant experience, and encouragement from friends and family; her professional career as artist, writer, and theorist began.